What’s on at Muskham Art Group in 2019

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At the Muskham Art Group the emphasis is on friendly sharing of interests and experience. We do all we can to make sure that there is an informative programme of events.  We meet every second and fourth Tuesday at 09:45am to 12:15pm in South Muskham village hall.

At some meetings we have demonstrations by visiting professional artists on various topics.


So far we have a watercolour demo followed by a workshop with Stephen Coats on February 12th. The topic will be reflections. Those who can’t stay for the workshop will only be expected to pay for the demo. Our very own Alwyn Thorpe will be holding an acrylic workshop on May16th. On 7th November Tim Fisher will be visiting us for a pastel workshop.

When any more demonstrations or workshops have been confirmed they will be posted here – so keep checking for the latest information as the site is updated.

Non-members are more than welcome to join us for demonstrations and workshops. Places are often limited for workshops so contact us early to make sure you get a place. As always it’s “first come, first served”.

Past demos and workshops:

In 2018 on Thursday 8th February Gareth Watling made a return visit to run an acrylic bird painting workshop. April 19th saw Lynne Whitfield back again for a loose watercolour workshop. Andrew Farmer gave a still life demo in charcoal on March 13th. He alsoheld a workshop on July 5th. This was an interesting one that got a lot of people out of their comfort zones!!! On August 14th Jackie Whall was here for a demo. She painted a portrait using only five colours.  On November 8th Vic Bearcroft held a workshop in pen and ink with coloured charcoal. The subject was a lion. This workshop was not to be missed as most of us had never used couloured charcoal before.

In 2010 we booked Vic Bearcroft on 23rd March to show us how he uses pastels to produce a stunning American Indian. Mike Webster came on 22nd June to demonstrate how to paint a seascape in acrylics. We had our annual pilgrimage to Mike Webster‘s house on 3rd September – great painting and yummy food. We always have good weather there too!  We had an all day workshop with Vic Bearcoft on 9th September which was booked because members enjoyed his demonstrations so much. On 23rd November Matthew Palmer came and give a demo on painting a winter scene using watercolours. He will be back in 2011 to give another demo or a workshop.

On January 20th 2011 Vic Bearcroft held a workshop where we produced paintings of a tiger using velour paper and pastels. Tas Severis gave an acrylic workshop on 21st July and Mike Webster gave an oil workshop on September 8th.

On February 28th 2012 Lynn Norris came and gave us a demo for the first time. Hopefully, this will be the first of many. April 19th saw the return of the ever popular Vic Bearcroft. He hosted an all day workshop in pastels. Our old friend Mike Webster gave a demonstration and workshop on 7th June.

In 2013 Vic Bearcroft hosted a workshop on February 21st. where we will pained a bird of prey. We had a Terry Harrison workshop on May 16th, a Mick Lakin workshop on September 26th and a Liz Hayward demo on November 26th.

In 2014 Gwen Scott coming to run an all day workshop in Pen and Ink on February 20th; on 10th June we invited Dave Woolass back to give a demo followed by a workshop; on 25th September we had a workshop with Tony Hogan and on 11th November Gareth Watling, the ornithological artist, was here demonstrating his amazing skills.

In 2015 on April 23rd Vic Bearcroft made another welcome visit to the club to run a workshop either in pastels or pen and watercolour. On 12th May Geoffrey Herrickx showed us his amazing miniatures.On September 8th  Anne Barnham demonstrated her watercolours. Liz Haywood held a watercolour workshop 19th November.

In 2016 we had a workshop with Gareth Watling in Febraury and Mike Warren in April. Gareth showed us how to paint his exquisite birds. Gwen Scott came to see us again on October 27th to do a workshop in watercolours. We successfully painted a large flower in Gwen’s lovely loose style. In December Ron Freeman  orgainised a paint-along session.

In 2017  Vic Bearcroft makes a very welcome return visit for a pen and ink with watercolour wash workshop on February 2nd. Lynne Whitfield came for the first time to our group to give us a demonstration on March 14th. July 25th saw Vic Beacroft back again to give us a demo using cloured charcoal.  On April 6th there was be an oil workshop with Jackie Whall. On November 23rd we will had a landscape workshop with Phil Biggs.

Meeting Dates 2018:

Date Whats on Visiting artist
Jan 09th Meeting  
Jan 16th Christmas Lunch  Bowls Club
Jan 23rd Meeting  Ron Freeman
Feb 08th Workshop Gareth Watling
Feb 13th Meeting  
Feb 27th Meeting  Ron Freeman
Mar 13th Demonstration Andrew Farmer
Mar 27th Meeting  
Apr 10th Meeting  Ron Freeman
Apr 19th Workshop Lynne Whitfield
Apr 24th Meeting  Ron Freeman
May 08th Meeting & AGM  
May 22nd Meeting Ron Freeman
June 12th Meeting  
June 26th Meeting Ron Freeman
July 5th Workshop Andrew Farmer
July 10th Meeting  
July 17th Summer Social Lunch Bowls Club
July 24th Meeting Ron Freeman
Aug 14th Demo Jackie Whall
Aug 28th Meeting Ron Freeman
Sept 11th Meeting  
Sept 25th Meeting Ron Freeman
Oct 09th Meeting  
Oct 19th Annual Exhibition set up  
Oct 20th Annual Exhibition  
Oct 21st Annual Exhibition  
Oct 23rd Meeting Ron Freeman
Nov 8th Workshop Vic Bearcroft
Nov 13th Meeting  
Nov 27th Meeting Ron Freeman
Dec 11th Meeting Ron Freeman


Meeting Dates 2019:

Date Whats on Visiting artist/Medium & Topic
Jan 08th Meeting  
Jan 15th New Year Lunch  Bowls Club
Jan 22nd Meeting  
Feb 12th Workshop Stephen Coats: Watercolour Reflections
Feb 26th Meeting  
Mar 12th Meeting  
Mar 26th Meeting  
Apr 09th Meeting  
Apr 23rd Meeting  
May 14th Meeting & AGM  
May 16th Workshop Alwyne Thorpe: Acrylics
May 28th Meeting  
June 11th Meeting  
June 25th Meeting  
July 09th Meeting  
July 16th Summer Social Lunch TBC Bowls Club
July 23rd Meeting  
Aug 13th Meeting  
Aug 27th Meeting  
Sept 10th Meeting  
Sept 24th Meeting  
Oct 08th Meeting  
Oct 11th Annual Exhibition set up  
Oct 12th Annual Exhibition  
Oct 13th Annual Exhibition  
Oct 22nd Meeting  
Nov 7th Workshop Tim Fisher: Pastels
Nov 12th Meeting  
Nov 26th Meeting  
Dec 10th Meeting  



Jan 25 Meeting